Being one of the original 13 colonies, Massachusetts is well known for its richness in history. From the cobblestone streets of Boston’s Beacon Hill to the quaint colonial towns of western Massachusetts, culture permeates every part of the state. Nicknamed the Bay State, Massachusetts also has some of the nation’s best beaches. Cape Cod is a destination unlike any other. If rolling hills are more your appetite, the Berkshires offer top notch outdoor activities. Explore Massachusetts for a lifestyle that’s uniquely yours.

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Yarmouth Port, MA —
Best-Kept Secrets on Cape

One of the best-kept secrets on Cape Cod, Yarmouth Port is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular destination towns on Cape Cod. The northern edge of the village is carpeted with verdant marshes and creeks that empty into Barnstable Harbor, and out to Cape Cod Bay. Ever-changing views go on for miles as the tide ebbs and flows, while birds of all kinds soar overhead and Sandy Neck beach shimmers in the distance. Well-kept homes overflowing with hydrangeas and perennial gardens line the streets as they meander in and out, following the contour of the bay.

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Newburyport, MA —
Smallest Coastal town in Massachusetts

It is the smallest coastal town in Massachusetts with less than 20,000 residents. Newburyport boasts an endless number of natural and manmade delights. In its early days, it had a refined knowledge of the world as a major shipbuilding center. Over the years since it has become a charming place, with an almost reverent sense of its past. It’s warm, red brick estates and elegant white mansions line the ridge of its main street, High street. But be ready to discover an unexpected architectural gem at virtually every turn of a casual stroll.

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Concord, MA —
Lake Boon in Stow & Hudson, Massachusetts

Looking for the joy and serenity of year-round waterfront living just 40 minutes from Boston? Look no further than the hidden suburban gem, Lake Boon. A summer haven in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, gentrification has created a community of like-minded residents who enjoy boating, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, snowmobiling, fishing, cross-country skiing, hockey, and ice skating.

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Scituate, MA —
Perfectly Scituated” between Boston and Cape Cod Bay.

Scituate, Ma is a quaint, New England, ocean-side town. A perfect place to live, buy your vacation home or just come for a visit. The charm of the town is paralleled by the mix of its residents and all those that visit. Business, or students alike, the commonality is they are all drawn to the relaxed atmospheres and all it offers. I often joke with my clients I think it’s mandatory to own some type of watercraft, boat, canoe, kayak or paddleboard as they all count. Many boaters from along the coast visit our multiple marinas for the first time and immediately fall in love with our seaside town. We are “Perfectly Scituated” between Boston and Cape Cod Bay.

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Plymouth, MA —
Escape To The Greater Plymouth Area

If you are professional in the Greater Boston area and looking for a restful country setting to escape to and yet be able to return to Boston quickly, then Plymouth offers you that unique opportunity. In fact, it is exactly 55 miles from most major Boston Hospitals to the southern tip of Plymouth and avoids crossing the Cape Cod Canal. To be able to break away from the beach or golf course and return to Boston within an hour and half or less is such a luxury for living outside America’s city. It has all the benefits of Cape Cod but not the maddening traffic, bridge standstills, and lengthy restaurant waits.

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Scituate, MA —
Captivating Coastal: Scituate, MA

Scituate Massachusetts has a fascinating past and future. What is true now was true then, our location cannot be recreated! From a 17th century coastal settlement to a now highly desirable seaside suburban town, Scituates scenic beauty and historic charm remains captivating.

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North Andover, MA —
My Home for over 25 Years

After living in North Andover for 25 years, I now have the pleasure to share some of my favorite and scenic places to enjoy in this fabulous family friendly town.
Enjoy a good workout at the many area gyms or hike up Weir Hill. After you can enjoy a stack of pancakes or lunch at Dominic’s, the best diner and also located at the local airport. Get my favorite fattoush salad! Each season brings something special at Smolack Farms. Apple picking, hayrides or cutting down a Christmas tree are seasonal favorites. Don’t forget to grab a famous homemade apple cider doughnut! There are a some places for dinner in North Andover as well. Charma Grill is one of the newest and if you have a great appetite you can feast all night on their delicious Brazilian barbeque or just enjoy a great cocktail with their awesome selection of appetizers.

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Newton, MA —
Newton, MA – All Around The Town

Though Newton is well-known for its proximity to Boston, excellent schools, and picturesque homes, it is surprising to most that this large city is made up of thirteen smaller villages. Each village has its own unique look and feel. In Newton, MA, Lower Falls features scenic views of the Charles River. Newton Centre, the hub of the city, boasts trendy restaurants (Sycamore, Little Big Diner) alongside old-time staples (Bill’s House of Pizza and Johnny’s Luncheonette). Newton Highlands features a footbridge which proudly displays local art and news of the villages many events. Most of the townships host their own annual “village day” where residents join together for outdoor amusements, food and fun.

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Marblehead, MA —
A Whole Lot More to Marblehead

When Coastal Living magazine named Marblehead one of the country’s Happiest Seaside Towns they said, “A great harbor will always make a great coastal town, and Marblehead is exhibit A.” And, that’s the truth. Mostly. We’d argue, however, that (while our harbor is unquestionably beautiful), there’s a whole lot more to Marblehead that makes those of us lucky enough to live here so happy.

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Bringing History to Life

Concord holds a revered place in American history as the site of the American Revolution. By the mid-nineteenth century, Concord developed into a remarkably rich literary reputation through the published works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, and Henry David Thoreau, all whose homes are preserved in modern-day Concord. Concord welcomes thousands of people per year flocking to our town to celebrate its rich American and literary history. Every year on Patriots Day, there are fascinating and exciting reenactments and events culminating in a festive parade through town. Concord really brings the history alive and is a wonderful place to visit at any age.

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The Norman Rockwell Town of the 21st Century

Whether you are young or old, Winchester has a very navigable downtown. There are only about 30,000 residents and the town is quite compact, so you can walk, bike or drive to the center of town. Once you're there, you can do all your errands on foot. Grab your coffee at A Fuller Cup, Bagel Land, Brueggers, Starbucks or Dunks. Then hit the post office, CVS, Stop & Shop, the Farmers Market( in the summer on the Common). Going out on the town? Get a mani/pedi/facial/new hairdo at the dozens of salons in town-- we are a well groomed bunch!

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Cosmopolitan Massachusetts Since 1641

Enriched by its history, nature and community, this town proudly adorns and supports its motto: "Home of America." Andover has wound its way from past to present in a manner that provides visitors and residents with ample industry and rural charm.

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